Men's Casual Coordination Key points to conquer summer and autumn

What are the key points for men to wear casual outfits? Commentary for each season of summer and autumn

A sense of the season is important for men's casual outfits. Especially when summer changes to autumn, many people seem to worry about how to dress because their fashion coordination changes drastically. Here, we will explain the points of dressing for men's casual outfits in summer and autumn.

5 points to keep summer fashion in check

man wearing shorts

Compared to women's fashion, summer men's fashion tends to have fewer items, so the range of styles tends to be narrower. However, men also want to enjoy seasonal fashion. So, here are some points to keep in mind when it comes to summer fashion.

wear a cool white t-shirt

If the fabric is thin, it will look like underwear, so if you are going to wear it by itself, it is important to choose something with a certain amount of thickness. The thickness of the fabric is often displayed in units of "oz", so please refer to it. 5 to 7 oz is recommended for T-shirts.

A T-shirt goes well with any kind of bottoms, and can be worn with denim or colored pants, or used with accessories to make it a focal point. Also pay attention to the V-neck this season.

The open-collared shirt is classy

An open-collared shirt that will upgrade your outfit just by putting it on is also a recommended item for summer. Long sleeves and shirt jackets are also likely to be popular this year. However, be careful not to open the chest too much as it may look vulgar.

Revival of classic accessories

In the summer, people tend to wear light clothes, so fashion tends to be simple. If you feel lonely looking at the coordination, it's a good idea to wear accessories. Recently, standard accessories from luxury brands that were popular in the past are also attracting attention.

Don't choose a type that stands out too much, let's create a casual fashion.

Stay cool with navy pants

Black bottoms are easy to wear, but they can look a little heavy in the summer. Thin navy trousers will give you a clean and cool look. Choose a relaxed silhouette or short-length bottoms for a style that is unique to this year.

Make your feet look stylish with loafers

Loafers are recommended as a point of men's casual coordination that tends to be simple coordination. Loafers that create a mature atmosphere, such as traditional ones and playful variations, will enhance your styling.

Important silhouettes and colors in autumn fashion

fashionable men

Autumn is the transitional season from hot summer to winter. Compared to summer, it's also the season where you can layer up and enjoy fashion. The point is silhouette and color. Here, we will introduce items that hold down the points for wearing autumn fashion.


In autumn, when the temperature drops toward winter, you can create a sense of the season with layered outfits. There are three main types of silhouettes.

I line silhouette

The I-line with a slim top and pants gives a neat and clean impression because it has a uniform feeling like a suit. If you start with the I line, you can put together any item, so it is easy to wear.

Y line

Choose a voluminous item for the top, and choose a neat and slim line for the bottom to give the whole look a sharp look. Choose loose-fitting tops and tight-fitting bottoms to make your shoulders look wider and give you a masculine look.


Contrary to the Y-line style, it is a style in which the top is narrowed and the bottoms are voluminous pants. Depending on the item and color you choose, it may look unfashionable, so this line is recommended for advanced fashionistas. The key to wearing an A-line is to boldly choose a thicker one.

color matching point

There are four points for combining colors.

align in monotone

Black, white, and gray monotones are simple colors that are often used at ceremonial occasions and formal occasions. It's not glamorous, but it's easy to match with any color, and I recommend it when you're unsure.

monotone + chromatic color

Use monotone as the base and combine two other colors. If you combine the mood and trend colors of the day, you may discover something new.

accentuate the tone

When combining colors, the point is to add strength and weakness to the tone to bring out the contrast. If you want to use a soft beige, we recommend a combination such as adding black or dark gray.

Match similar and opposite colors

If you're not sure which colors to combine, try combining similar colors with different tones. If similar colors aren't enough for you, you can combine contrasting colors like navy x red or green x yellow to complete a well-balanced outfit.

Let's enjoy men's fashion with casual coordination

One of the joys of fashion is being able to change the image of your clothes depending on the season. In the summer, bright colors and refreshing cool fashion are preferred, and in the fall, monotones with a calm atmosphere and stylish earth colors are preferred.

At WEAR 2.5, we remake kimono fabrics and sell them as fashion items that can be incorporated into modern everyday life. There are several types of kimono fabrics, and the ones that are cool and breathable in the summer and those that are warm and air-impermeable in the fall have been evaluated as comfortable to wear. Please find your favorite as a point of casual coordination.

Recommended for men's casual outfit About WEAR 2.5

Recommended for men's casual outfit About WEAR 2.5



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Recommended for men's casual outfit About WEAR 2.5



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