Japanese clothes for everyday wear How to choose and attractive kimonos that are useful for both men and women

The point to enjoy Japanese clothes in everyday clothes! Benefits of incorporating kimono into casual wear for men and women

More and more people are wearing kimono as their everyday wear, but since kimonos have different rules than western clothes, it is useful to have a minimum of knowledge about kimonos. Here, WEAR 2.5, which sells remade kimono items, will explain the points when choosing a kimono, and the charm and advantages of a kimono that are not found in other clothes.

Challenge from casual clothes to Japanese clothes Tips for getting used to it

woman in kimono

There are many types of kimono, so many people who are new to wearing kimono as casual wear are wondering how to choose. Here are some points to consider when choosing a kimono. The three main points are:

Know the type of kimono and the class of kimono

Just as there are formal and casual styles for suits and dresses, kimonos also have a class. Kimono can be roughly divided into four types, and the types of kimono belonging to each are as follows.

Formal attire: Uchikake (bridal only), black tomesode, colored tomesode, honfuri, mourning dress

It is the most formal kimono and is worn at ceremonial occasions. Among them, the black tomesode is the most prestigious one, and it is characterized by a plain black overall and a design with an auspicious picture feather pattern on the hem.

Semi-formal attire: Homongi, Tsukesage, Montsuki

It is the second most formal and can be worn in a wide range of formal occasions.

dress up

It is a kimono characterized by gorgeous attire. Formal and semi-formal attire are worn for public events, while formal attire is often worn at parties and receptions.

Casual wear: Komon, Omeshi, Tsumugi

As the name suggests, it is a kimono worn for everyday outings. For those who want to wear Japanese clothes for everyday wear, it is better to choose a kimono from Komon, Omeshi, and Tsumugi.

Choose by Destination or Situation

Speaking of opportunities to wear kimono, there are many occasions such as dinner parties with friends, class reunions, and dates. When you wear a kimono casually, you don't have to worry about the rules, but if seniors are participating, it's better to choose according to the kimono rules. If you know the atmosphere of the store in advance, it will be easier to choose if you match the atmosphere.

Choose by ease of care

High-end kimonos are hard to care for because they have to be cleaned. If you want to casually enjoy wearing a kimono, we recommend a kimono with a deodorant effect or a kimono that can be completely washed.

The appeal of kimonos that both men and women want to wear as everyday wear

Attractiveness of kimono

Kimono not only looks beautiful, but it also has charms and benefits that clothes do not have. The four main benefits of wearing a kimono are:

Prevent fashion rut

It's common to find yourself wearing the same outfit all the time, but if you incorporate kimono into your fashion, you can greatly expand your fashion range by combining it with other clothes.

be your own fashion

Many clothing stores are always stocked with trendy items, so even if you go out of your way to buy something new, you often end up wearing it at parties or meetings.

I'm sure there are some of you who have had the experience of not being able to enjoy your party at all because you were so worried about the clothes you were going to attend. With kimono, you don't have to wear other people like western clothes, and you can enjoy your own fashion.


Clothes have trends, and when clothes go out of fashion, the opportunities to wear them decrease. You can buy clothes that you no longer need, but even then, it is difficult to get a high price for outdated designs. There are no short-term trends in kimonos for both men and women (there are trends, but the intervals between them are long, 10 to 20 years), so you can wear them for a long time without worrying about trends.

Even if you don't wear it and let it go, you can sell it at a high price if it is in good condition.

You can wear it even if your body shape changes.

In the case of clothes, depending on the design, even a change in weight of 1 to 2 kg can make the wearer unwearable. With a kimono, you can wear it even if your body shape changes a little, so you don't have to worry about being unable to wear it for a sudden outing.

If you want to wear kimono as casual clothes, start with kimono remake items

There are rules for kimono, and many people may not be able to take the first step even if they are popular. For such people, I would like to recommend an item that is a remake of a kimono.

WEAR 2.5 sells many fashionable items made from remade kimono fabrics. All items are one-of-a-kind, so it is recommended for parties and invitations. We have both men's and women's items, so why not enjoy your own fashion?

Commitment to WEAR 2.5 items

Proposal for everyday use of Japanese clothes About WEAR 2.5

Proposal for everyday use of Japanese clothes About WEAR 2.5



We are developing items that remake kimono that can no longer be worn. Basically everything is one piece. Find your favourite.


There are also original items using dead stock fabrics. Carefully made at a kimono sewing factory in Japan.

Proposal for everyday use of Japanese clothes About WEAR 2.5



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