Men's and women's fashion points to make kimono casual

How to incorporate Japanese elements and recommended items to wear kimono more casually in men's and women's fashion

There are many people who want to wear a kimono casually, but do not know how to match it well. Mistakes are inevitable in fashion, but coordinating a kimono isn't that difficult once you learn the tricks. Here, I will explain the points when WEAR 2.5 incorporates Japanese elements into clothes.

Points to incorporate Japanese elements into men's and women's fashion

woman in purple skirt

Fashion can sometimes be a challenge, but it takes courage to wear a kimono from the beginning, so it's a good idea to start by incorporating "Japanese elements" into your usual fashion. I will introduce how to incorporate Japanese elements recommended for beginners.

incorporate Japanese patterns

Well-known Japanese patterns include “checkered pattern”, “seigaiha”, “hemp leaf”, “nami-chidori”, and “saaya”. Skirts, tops, and dresses with Japanese patterns are easy to match with your favorite items, so you can easily enjoy Japanese fashion. If you can't find an item you like, one way to do it is to purchase fabrics with Japanese patterns and make your own clothes.

Bring in Japanese items

Kimono is not the only Japanese fashion item. If you incorporate Japanese items into your everyday clothes as a focal point, even your favorite items will look different than usual. I will introduce Japanese items in detail in the next section.

Choose items from brands that incorporate Japanese elements into their designs

There are many types of kimono, but the number of Japanese items that can be combined with Western clothes is limited. If you want to buy Japanese items, it would be a good idea to first look for a brand that designs kimono with a modern twist.

remake a dress

Kimonos are also sold as used clothing, and cheap ones can be purchased for a few thousand yen. It is also possible to shorten the length to match the clothes, or untie the kimono and remake it into other items such as dresses and skirts. There are some video sites that introduce how to make them in detail, so if you are confident in sewing, please try it.

Fashion items that are easy to incorporate Japanese such as kimono

two pairs of clogs

If you want to incorporate Japanese into your everyday fashion, the easiest way is to use Japanese fashion items. The points to choose items are "material", "pattern" and "design".

Once you have an image of your ideal outfit, it will be easier to see which items suit you best. Here, we introduce recommended items for men and women.

Japanese fashion items for men

Here are three items we recommend for men:


Japanese footwear includes geta, setta, and zori, and comes in a wide variety of colors. It's good to coordinate with the standard yukata, but you can wear it like sandals, so you can match it with your clothes. It goes especially well with denim and thick pants.


Fans, which can be said to be a summer tradition, can create an elegant and elegant impression just by opening them, so there is no loss in having one. There is a wide variety of designs, and if you are particular about materials and patterns, they can be used as fashion accents.

cross-cut bag

A gokiri-bukuro is a handbag-type drawstring bag that can be tied with a string, and is a convenient item that allows you to store your personal belongings smartly. The calm design of traditional Japanese patterns and sashiko weave will elevate your men's outfit.

Japanese fashion items for ladies

The following three items are recommended for women.


Furoshiki comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and can be used not only to wrap things, but also as a fashion accent. If you use it as a stylish bag or scarf, the furoshiki pattern will stand out even more, making even simple outfits gorgeous.


Recently, the number of designs that go well not only with kimono but also with casual everyday wear has increased, and you can enjoy fashion using kanzashi on a daily basis. It is also attractive that you can use it in various ways, such as putting it together on the side or half-up.


If you want to add a Japanese atmosphere to your clothes, obi is recommended. It is easy to combine a striped dress with a striped obi, or a plain dress with a Japanese patterned obi.

For casual kimono items for men and women, go to WEAR 2.5

Anyone can remake a kimono by purchasing used clothes, but if you are looking for clothes to wear to a party or an invitation, leave it to a professional.
WEAR 2.5 is an apparel brand that remakes kimonos and sells items that have been carefully finished one by one. A wide range of items such as jackets, skirts and pants are available for both men and women and can be purchased online. If you want to wear a kimono casually, please visit the WEAR 2.5 site.

Commitment to WEAR 2.5 kimono

For those looking for a casual kimono About WEAR 2.5

For those looking for a casual kimono About WEAR 2.5



We are developing items that remake kimono that can no longer be worn. Basically everything is one piece. Find your favourite.


There are also original items using dead stock fabrics. Carefully made at a kimono sewing factory in Japan.

For those looking for a casual kimono About WEAR 2.5



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