What are the points to make a kimono look casual and fashionable?

Tips for wearing a kimono casually Explanation of how to coordinate and how to remake a kimono

Many people want to wear a kimono casually but don't know how to coordinate it. Here, we will introduce how to easily coordinate a kimono and how to remake kimono fabric into everyday clothes. Let's enjoy kimono coordination by dressing in your own way.

Fashionable kimono dress code (ladies)

Kimono dressing

For formal occasions such as weddings and invitations, it is better to pay attention to the kimono rules. However, if you are wearing a regular kimono, you don't need to be so bound by the rules.

You don't need to prepare kimono-specific items just because it's a kimono, and you can coordinate with items you usually wear. Here are some ways to dress up in style:

change half collar

A half-collar of a juban that looks like a collar when wearing a kimono. If you leave the half-collar white, it will be easier to match with various kimonos, but it will be a little less glamorous.

There are various types of half-collars for undergarments, and they can be purchased online. If you choose something with vivid patterns and beautiful embroidery, it will be an impressive coordination.

add accessories

Necklaces, rings, earrings, ear cuffs, watches, etc. are accessories that go well with clothes, so they are not allowed in kimonos. However, this is only a rule for ceremonial occasions, so you don't have to worry about it for casual occasions such as going out on weekends or having dinner with friends.

As with clothes, kimonos can look gorgeous with accessories. Wear your favorite accessories and enjoy the arrangement.

put on a retro hat

A hat is one of the items that is surprisingly easy to match with a kimono. Especially recommended for those with short hair who have difficulty arranging their hair. A good place to start is with a retro beret or bowler hat. You can also match it with a straw hat in the summer and a knitted hat in the winter.

Komon is recommended for casual kimonos

For those who are about to purchase a kimono or are looking for a kimono that can be worn relatively casually, Komon is recommended.

Komon is a kimono with a pattern that does not have a top and bottom, and can be worn stylishly in a wide range of occasions, from casual wear to casual outings. There are many colors and patterns, so you can choose what to wear according to your taste, occasion, and season.

Also, komon is not limited to small patterns. Large floral patterns, motif patterns, and striped patterns can also be called komon.

Although it is casual, it is a kimono that allows you to enjoy your own style according to your taste and where you go.

Obi matching for casual clothes

Matching the obi to the kimono is called obi matching. There are various types of obis, patterns, and tying methods, so you should consider the compatibility with the kimono when choosing the obi.

Nagoya-obi, half-width obi, and heko-obi are recommended when matching with komon, which is worn as everyday wear.

Nagoya obi

It is an obi that can be matched with casual clothes or kimonos for going out. It can be used in various scenes, from casual places to slightly complicated places.

Since it is shorter than the Fukuro-obi, it is common to tie a single drum, which is a simplified version of the Taiko-musubi, in the case of Nagoya-obi.

half width band

As the name suggests, it is half the width of Fukuro-obi or Nagoya-obi. It is relatively easy to tie and can be matched with casual komon or yukata.

There are various types, from thin and light ones that go well with yukata to those with elegant designs, so you can choose the one that best suits your ideal image.


When you think of hekoobi, many people may associate it with the obi of a yukata for children, but there are hekoobi with adult designs that can be combined with komon.

It's easy to tie and easy to create volume, so you can easily create a gorgeous outfit.

Monotone is recommended if you are worried about color matching

Depending on the pattern, the kimono contains multiple colors, and the obi and obi tie also have various colors and patterns. When thinking about coordinating a kimono, there may be some people who do not know how to match the colors as a whole.

If you are worried about matching the colors of your kimono, we recommend that you first try to be conscious of monotones. If you think of a kimono as a dress and coordinate with the image of adding accessories in a monotone dress, you can easily put it together.

If it's monotone, it's easy to try on kimonos with modern designs such as polka dots and lace.

How to choose accessories for everyday wear

Even casual everyday kimono can be transformed into a fashionable atmosphere by choosing accessories. Accessories that are easy to incorporate include obi-dome and half-collars.


The obijime is a decoration that goes through the obijime, making it an accent to your outfit. Although it is called an obidome, it is not something that needs to be held or fastened. Therefore, you are free to choose according to your preferences.

When choosing an obidome, it is recommended to match the pattern and color of the kimono and obi, or to match the motif.

half collar

The han-collar can be seen through the matching collars, and is an accessory that influences the overall impression of the kimono coordination. You can use it as an accent color or add an accent to give it a playful look.

It is also recommended to replace the shoes with boots or add Western-style bags and accessories.

“Kimono remake” that makes it easier to incorporate kimono into casual outfits


For those who want to enjoy wearing a kimono not only for weekends and trips, but also for everyday life, we recommend clothes that are remade kimonos. If you use kimono fabric for everyday wear, it will be easier to move around and you will be able to wear it more extensively. Here are some examples of clothes made by remaking kimono fabric.

Flared skirt made from multiple kimono fabrics

The A-line flared skirt that flutters in the wind creates a feminine look even as it is. If you combine plain and patterned kimono fabrics for a casual down look, it's perfect for everyday wear.

The simple design makes it easy to mix and match, and it is easy to match with accessories and flashy tops, so if you want to enjoy cute kimono fashion, it is convenient to have one.

Aloha shirt that gives you a resort feeling

Aloha shirts are said to have originated from kimonos, and it is said that Japanese immigrants to Hawaii made Portuguese work clothes called “palacas” from kimono and yukata fabrics. Therefore, I often remake kimono fabrics that are no longer worn in Japan and make them into Hawaiian shirts.

Aloha shirts usually have a fixed design, but kimono fabric aloha shirts come in a wide variety of fabric patterns and colors, so you can choose the item that best suits your occasion.

Recommended dress for kimono lovers

The top and bottom of the dress are the same as the kimono, so it is a remake method that makes the most of the kimono. You can make it into a cache-coeur dress and open the front like a kimono, or leave the sleeves as they are to express the charm of a kimono. It is also fashionable to arrange the obi and use it like a belt.

Surplus fabric can be used for bags and accessories

Fabric scraps can be made into bags, hair ornaments, and accessories. If you have other kimono fabric items, it will be easy to coordinate with them.

Let's enjoy fashionable dressing with kimono

You can remake a kimono if you have kimono fabric, clothes patterns, and sewing tools such as a sewing machine.

WEAR 2.5 sells many items made by remaking kimonos. Basically, everything is one-of-a-kind, so you're sure to find something you like. If you are interested in fashion that incorporates kimono, please take a look at the items on WEAR 2.5.

Commitment to WEAR 2.5 kimono

For those looking for a casual kimono About WEAR 2.5

For those looking for a casual kimono About WEAR 2.5



We are developing items that remake kimono that can no longer be worn. Basically everything is one piece. Find your favourite.


There are also original items using dead stock fabrics. Carefully made at a kimono sewing factory in Japan.

For those looking for a casual kimono About WEAR 2.5



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