What is the point of wearing men's casual outfit? Kimono remake brands that can be selected by mail order

Dressing points you should know before incorporating casual coordination into men's fashion

Casual coordination is a category that many people pay attention to in men's fashion. More and more people are using online shopping to purchase casual wear from men's brands, making it more accessible. Here, I will explain the points that you should know when incorporating casual outfits.

What is “casual coordination” in men’s fashion?

What is “casual coordination” in men’s fashion?

Even when it comes to casual outfits in men's fashion, many people may be wondering what kind of clothes are casual. In general, casual refers to casual and informal fashion. Introducing the main genres of casual fashion and how to wear them.

Casual coordination point

If you want to dress casually elegantly, there are some points that you should keep in mind.

reduce the number of colors

When thinking about coordinating, you can easily organize it neatly by grouping the colors you use within 3 colors. If you use monotones such as white, black, and gray, or earth colors such as brown and khaki, it will be easier to choose the right color.

Bring in clean items

To prevent casual outfits from becoming childish and slovenly, we recommend wearing neat (dress) items. For men, you can create a clean and mature look by incorporating items that are used in suits such as tailored jackets, shirts, and leather shoes.

incorporate a sense of the season

When the cold of winter subsides, you can change your coat to a refreshing cotton one, or layer a shirt with a chic knit in early fall. The point is to take it in "just a little bit" early. Fashionable people are good at choosing materials and colors that match the season.

The casual genre in menswear

genre of casual

Before buying men's branded clothing, many people wonder what styles are available. Here, I will explain the main genres of casual.

american casual

American casual, which is often abbreviated as American casual, refers to casual style with an American taste as its name suggests.

The style is based on American student and sports fashion, and jeans, checkered shirts and hoodies (hoodies), and sneakers such as Converse are standard items. The definition is broad, and the work style listed below and the surf style originating from West Coast surfers are also classified as American casual.


It is a fashion born from the culture of young people in the city (street) such as social background and music. In the 1960s and 1970s, American hippies wore ethnic patterned shirts and flared denim, while in England, the tight suits and military coats worn by delinquents called mods became popular. .

The relaxed silhouettes that many people imagine when they hear street fashion originated from the hip-hop and skate culture of the 80s and 90s.


This style incorporates work shirts, jeans, overalls, and other items that are rooted in workers' work clothes. Items made with fabrics such as denim, chambray, and duck are durable and easy to move around in, and many are suitable for everyday use, which is why they are widely recommended. It is sometimes classified as American casual.


As the name suggests, it is a style that incorporates elements of military uniforms. Speaking of military, flight jackets such as MA-1, trench coats, and cargo pants are standard. There are many items in earth tones such as beige and khaki, and it is characterized by being easy to incorporate into coordination. The dignified impression of military uniforms is also attractive.


This style incorporates items made for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and mountain climbing. In recent years, there are many items such as climbing pants and sandals that are authentic yet highly fashionable, making it easy to incorporate them into everyday wear. A mountain parka with a waterproof function can be used in a wide range of situations, such as being used as rain gear when commuting.

Dress up like an adult! Recommended casual outfits for men in their 20s

Casual outfits for people in their 20s are important to add an adult atmosphere that is different from teens and students. Here are some recommended casual outfits for men in their 20s.

Striped T-shirt x Tapered pants

The striped T-shirt gives a casual impression, but by pairing it with clean tapered pants and black leather shoes, you can create a clean and mature impression while maintaining a casual atmosphere.

jacket x denim

Combining a clean tailored jacket with casual denim pants is a good combination that balances clean and casual.

Knit for a grown-up look

By incorporating a knit with an elegant and clean image, you can create a mature atmosphere that is different from the standard T-shirt. For example, pair a navy knit with black tapered trousers for a cool and mature look.

[Men's fashion in their 20s] What is a neat casual outfit that appeals to women?

Men's fashion that gives a good impression to women is a clean and neat casual outfit. Let's hold down the recommended clean casual outfits for men's fashion in their 20s.

navy setup

If you are unsure about styling, go for a navy setup. Navy is a color that gives a sense of cleanliness, and anyone can easily create a stylish atmosphere, so you don't have to worry about coordinating it. Pair with a white shirt and white sneakers for a casual look.

simple monotone outfit

A monotone outfit that combines black and dark navy is simple and appealing to women. By unifying it with achromatic colors, there is almost no color matching failure, and it gives a mature and smart impression.

narrow striped shirt

If you want to incorporate patterned items, striped items are easy to use and will help you create a neat outfit. A thin striped shirt that emphasizes freshness can give a mature impression without being too flashy.

Enjoy casual coordination with eco-friendly sustainable fashion

When incorporating men's casual outfits, we definitely want to be conscious of sustainable fashion that is friendly to the environment. Wearing the one you already own for as long as possible will help reduce the environmental impact. In order to wear one piece for a long time, it is important to emphasize quality when buying clothes, and to choose clothes with materials and designs that can be worn for a long time.

In recent years, many apparel brands have started working on sustainable fashion in order to reduce the environmental impact of fashion. Fashionable and sustainable men's items are also sold online, so let's enjoy casual coordination with a choice that is comfortable for the environment and yourself.

WEAR 2.5 online shopping site for men's casual outfits

Even if you say casual coordination, there are many men's casual styles. There is no correct answer for casual fashion, so enjoy dressing up in a style that suits you.

WEAR 2.5 is an original brand for casual outfits, offering fashion items using kimono fabrics that we Japanese have been familiar with for a long time.

Both men's and women's are available, so you can enjoy pairing with your loved ones. You can purchase it online, so please take this opportunity to try it.

Recommended for men's casual outfit About WEAR 2.5

Recommended for men's casual outfit About WEAR 2.5



We are developing items that remake kimono that can no longer be worn. Basically everything is one piece. Find your favourite.


There are also original items using dead stock fabrics. Carefully made at a kimono sewing factory in Japan.

Recommended for men's casual outfit About WEAR 2.5



Through our business activities, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the earth. Its values ​​are consistent with the goals of the SDGs (*1).

*1 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
The new Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, which were adopted at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015 with the participation of more than 150 leaders, consist of 17 goals and 169 targets. increase.

Kimono brand that proposes men's casual coordination - WEAR 2.5

A modern “new kimono” that connects the kanginu (Japanese clothes) and shiroi (clothes).

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