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WEAR 2.5

Remake: YUKATA-Tops

Remake: YUKATA-Tops

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Moderately stretchy cotton fabric.
Yukata-like cool colors and impressive patterns.
A short-length, simple design top that feels like a shirt or cardigan. Also for cooling in hot weather.
It is the first place playing an active part in summer.

Item Details Condition: No noticeable stains or damage Color: NV-Navy Wear season: Summer Pockets: ×2
Lining: None (single)
Material: The material composition is unknown due to the use of old cloth.

Size: 3 (SM)
Actual size (cm)
Height: 67
Shoulder width: 30
Sleeve Width: 39
Sleeve length: 69
Back Width: 29
Carry forward: 4

[[ Note ]]
・There may be a difference in color between the actual product and the product image seen on the display.
・We do not describe the feeling of use, minor scratches and stains that are not noticeable due to normal use. Please understand that this is a used item before purchasing.
・ The season for wearing is described as a season that is easy to use as everyday wear.
・The size is calculated based on the sleeve length. Even with the same size, there are differences in each dimension.
・There may be errors in the measurement results. Please note.


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