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WEAR 2.5

Remake: Haorija cke t

Remake: Haorija cke t

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Medium-thick and firm texture.
Impressive pattern like Japanese clothes, simple pattern to make the best use of it.
Compatible with various bottoms such as work pants such as denim, slacks, and skirts.
Originally for men, but depending on the size, it can also be for women.

Item Details
Condition: No noticeable stains or damage
Color: NV-Navy
Wearing time: All season
Pocket: × 2
Lining: Yes (袷)
Material: Material composition unknown due to the use of old cloth

Size: 5 (M)
Actual size (cm)
Length: 87
Sleeve length: 76
Sleeve Width: 34
Shoulder width: 84

-There may be a difference in color between the actual product and the product image seen on the display. I have.
-The feeling of use that occurs during normal use, and inconspicuous minor scratches and stains are not listed. Please purchase after understanding that it is used clothing.
・ There may be an error in the measurement result. Please note.


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