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WEAR 2.5

Original: JUBAN-Shirt (Sample)

Original: JUBAN-Shirt (Sample)

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A feeling of thin and soft fabric.
A clean, plain textile.
Long tops that can be worn like a coat can be waist-marked with a belt.
Easy-to-use first place that will be active in a wide range of seasons.
* Since this is a sample product, the specifications may differ from other items.

Item details
Condition: New / Unused
Color: GR-Greenish
Season: All seasons
Pocket : × 2
lining: Unlined (single)
Material: 100% Cotton

Actual size (cm)
Height: 92
Center to sleeve : 72
Sleeve width: 38
Shawl width: 68
Body width: 60

[[Caution] ]]
-There may be a difference in color between the actual product and the product image seen on the display.
-The feeling of use that occurs during normal use, and inconspicuous minor scratches and stains are not listed. Please purchase after understanding that it is used clothing.
・ There may be an error in the measurement result. Please note.

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